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Pronto Boston & Pronto Prestige Norwich

As a Seat Approved Accident Repair Centre, we uphold stringent standards set by Seat to ensure that your car is repaired and restored to Seat factory standards. Offering a level of customer service and technical expertise like no other.  

Being a Seat Approved Repairer means that our repair quality is regularly audited by a Seat team. Our body and paint technicians are fully trained to Seat standards, we only fit genuine parts and only apply Seat approved high quality paint to complete the job.

For more information about the Seat brand visit here for Norwich and here for Boston.

Repair Guarantee Certificate

When using a Seat Approved Accident Repair Centre like Pronto Accident Repair Centre, you will receive a Seat Accident Repair Guarantee certificate when your repairs are complete, giving you confidence that your vehicle has been repaired by trained technicians and that only genuine parts have been fitted. Read More Here

Customer Satisfaction Survey

As a Seat Approved Accident Repair Centre we value your feedback, which helps us further improve the service that we provide, ensuring we don’t only have a happy customer, but also a happy car. So, if your Seat has been repaired by us at either Boston or Norwich, you will receive a short email customer survey invitation a few days after your vehicle is returned to you and we would be most grateful if you would complete this for us.

For further information and to see out latest customer satisfaction rating: Click Here for Norwich and Here for Boston.

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