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Pronto Kings Lynn & Pronto Prestige Norwich

As a BMW Approved Accident Repair Centre, we have successfully exceeded the standards set by BMW, which are regularly monitored and audited by a BMW UK. 


Being a BMW Approved Repairer means that your repair will be completed to BMW’s exacting standards. Our technicians are trained to BMW standards, using manufacturer approved parts and paint to maintain the vehicles integrity and value. 

We offer you Genuine Repair, our technicians attend regular courses to keep updated with designs and repair methods for the newly released models - this ensures we are equipped with the latest BMW technology to maintain your cars authenticity. Only a BMW Approved Accident Repair Centre can offer this.

Our BMW Approved Manufacturer sites are located at: 


Pronto Accident Repair Centre Kings Lynn, Hardwick Industrial Estate, Oldmedow Rd, PE30 4JJ.

Contact the team on 01553 692097

Pronto Prestige Norwich, 10 Bessemer Rd, Norwich NR4 6DQ.

Contact the team on 01603 980550

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